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Friday, September 30, 2011

The importance of being backed up

Is there any reason why you haven't already backed up your important data?

Imagine what would happen if all your pictures, music, movies and documents were gone with the wind!

The major reason for not being backed up is the lack of an adequate backup software, I'd presume!

Apple users are well off, since they have Time Machine built in their operating system, but how about the others, that are not among the privileged kind and those who are using other operating systems like Windows and Linux ?

Wouldn't they like to have just one simple software that fits for all operating systems at a time and that is good enough to back up all of them under one hood?

There's one product that covers all of these requirements and even more. This product is called Crashplan!

Crashplan is a backup-software, that is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X  and Solaris.

Crashplan is not only backing up to local USB and FW hard drives, but also to mounted network-drives, drives of other computers in a local network and also to machines and drives in other networks over the Internet.

The latter means you can backup you data on a friends or relatives computer via Internet. Since you wouldn't like such data being transferred unencrypted, the data stream is transferred under 128bit encryption by the free version and 448bit encryption under the plus-version. The backup itself consequently is encrypted the same way too!

The plus-version additionally offers cloud based backup under various payment-plans that fit almost every budget.

The good news is, that even with the basic, free of charge version, you can set up a reasonable backup solution for every operating-system and even can run off-site backups based on a buddy system.

Crashplan is very easy to install. Just download, open an account and you're ready to go.
The account comprises a 30 days free trial for the cloud backup as well, so you can try whether you like it or not.

Unfortunately I didn't realize I could try it and so my 30 days expired without being used.- My fault!

Crashplan is so easy to be set up, that you don't have any excuses left for not being backed up anymore!

Get it, get it installed and get it now!!!!

One more thing: Crashplan provides an iOS app that allows access to your saved data from all of your iDevices. So you can even save on your dropbox usage and save some money, in case you have the plus-version running.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Using Breevy Portable with your Textexpander snippets on your work PC

Let's presume you're an experienced Mac-geek who's using Textexpander and has created lots of snippets.

Now you are going to your workplace and your employer has two disadvantages:

1.) The infrastructure is based on PC environment
2.) You dont't have the permission to install software on your PC, i.e. you don't have admin rights on your machine.

This means your productivity drops and you are always cranky since you could be soooo much faster at your personal machine.

There is a solution to your problem:

Textexpander has a PC equivavalent named Breevy. Breevy acts like Textexpander, although it unfortunately does'nt look like Textexpander at all.

That serves as a solution to disadvantage no.1.), but how about no. 2.) ?

No.2 can be solved like this:
Breevy's little sister is Breevy Portable that runs from an USB stick, flash drive and also from a desktop folder and can be installed without admin rights, since it doesn't dig into the windows system.

And it comes even better: Breevy Portable, like Breevy itself can use Textexpander Snippets. That means you can import your homegrown  Textexpander Snippets into Breevy and Breevy Portable, use them there and even reimport them back into Textexpander.
And in case you are allowed to do so, you can even sync them via dropbox.

Breevy costs only  35$US and is worth every penny!

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