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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Using Breevy Portable with your Textexpander snippets on your work PC

Let's presume you're an experienced Mac-geek who's using Textexpander and has created lots of snippets.

Now you are going to your workplace and your employer has two disadvantages:

1.) The infrastructure is based on PC environment
2.) You dont't have the permission to install software on your PC, i.e. you don't have admin rights on your machine.

This means your productivity drops and you are always cranky since you could be soooo much faster at your personal machine.

There is a solution to your problem:

Textexpander has a PC equivavalent named Breevy. Breevy acts like Textexpander, although it unfortunately does'nt look like Textexpander at all.

That serves as a solution to disadvantage no.1.), but how about no. 2.) ?

No.2 can be solved like this:
Breevy's little sister is Breevy Portable that runs from an USB stick, flash drive and also from a desktop folder and can be installed without admin rights, since it doesn't dig into the windows system.

And it comes even better: Breevy Portable, like Breevy itself can use Textexpander Snippets. That means you can import your homegrown  Textexpander Snippets into Breevy and Breevy Portable, use them there and even reimport them back into Textexpander.
And in case you are allowed to do so, you can even sync them via dropbox.

Breevy costs only  35$US and is worth every penny!

Listen to my audio podcast contribution, previously published under http://www.podfeet.com/wordpress/


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