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Monday, February 27, 2012

Reminders - a new iOS5 feature - not sufficient for me!

With iOS5, Apple launched the reminders App, that is basically a to-do list for the iPhone.
Compared to other to-do lists, it has one USP(Unique selling point), which is "location based reminders", that reminds you of a task to be completed when you enter or leave a preset location, like "call wife when leaving the office"

In reality that rarely works and you might already be 2mi from your office, before Reminders wakes up.
Apart from that, Reminders is nothing but another basic to-do lists, that just list up what you tell them to remind you of and then alarms you at the time given by you.

You may like or not, that you can create different lists, like "work", "home" or "groceries" and that it fully integrates with the iCloud sync features, but that's all you need to know about it and there's
not to much left to say.
Very poor is, that alarm dates/times/places can only be set in a second step, after you've hit the save button once and then need to pick up the item again to set an alarm and that the fabulous location based reminders are draining your battery like mad, so that you might run out of battery, once you get there, so that the reminder might not go off due to lack of energy.

What I miss in the reminders app is:
  • fast entry of tasks with due-dates
  • tagging and smart lists
  • web based task managent
  • compatibility between platforms and/or operating systems
  • repeat-functions
  • mail-to-task funcionality
 All that being said, I'll stick with "Remember-the-milk", a fully equipped task manager app, that is available free of charge in the app store or at 25$/yr. for the pro-version that provides push-notifications for iOS user as well.
Reminders may be sufficient for the basic user, but will not be sufficient for an advanced user at all.

Any objections? Then pls. comment!

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