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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My new Kindle Paperwhite WiFi

As you may know, I already own a KINDLE 4 since 2 years and I'm reading almost all of my books on the Kindle.
For the management of my books I'm using the very good freeware CALIBRE on my Mac.

The pro's for reading on the KINDLE instead of a tablet computer with a backlit display are that I can read black on white in the bright sun, on the beach and wherever I want, but don't have the glare and the reflections I'd have on the like iPad device.

The con of reading on the Kindle 4 is that I would need a light o read in the dark or darker ambiance like on a plane, since the KINDLE display is not glowing in the dark and acts more or less like a sheet of paper with all ups and downs.

The new KINDLE Paperwhite now combines the best of the 2 different technologies. It has the e-ink display, that provides a very sharp black on white reading experience plus a backlit on-display film that reflects the light onto the display like it would do if I had a reading light that illuminates the display. This whole ensemble has a touch and feel like backlit display without the downside of itching eyes due to the blinding light of a backlit display.
In a nutshell, I can read in the dark, in the sun and wherever I want with a battery life of 2-4 weeks depending on the reading hours I have.

It's amazing what the KINDLE Paperwhite ca do!

I would love to see the Paperwhite in a non-touch version that allows to read with the reader in my left hand and to turn the pages on the left side of the kindle. Unfortunately it is not possible to inverse the page turning for left handed use on the software side of the Kindle OS.

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