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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Taking minutes and notes on the iPad

My habits of using the iPad have changed to a more work oriented pattern and I tend to carry it with me wherever I go on business.

My company has started to offer a "bring your own device" programme and I'm currently testing the "good for enterprise" mail app that is bringing my office email to my iPad by sandboxing all mail in a closed container on the iPad, that can be wiped by the admins if I loose my iPad or else.
So I got rid of carrying my Blackberry with me all the time in addition to my iPhone.

I started taking notes on the iPad by wringing them into the good app, which is very good in case I need it printed or machine-written at a later stage, for example in order to distribute it to other participants as minutes of the meeting.

Unfortunately it is quite little fun to always start he good app, type in the password and then open a mail, adress it to yourself and start typing, but since most of us are living in a mail-based infosphere, this is a quite good way to live in just one app.
By using this method, I also used my Lotus Notes account to file the documents at a later stage by either dragging them into my nested folder structure or having them being auto-filed by applying mail rules to them like "if subject contains 'MoM' then move mail to folder 'Minutes of Meeting' " So I don't have to deal with it later on. Or "if subject contains 'ToDo' then move mail to folder 'action'."

But thinking further, it would be much better to just have a legal pad like app, scribble or write on it, draw a mind map or else, since this is much faster and more convenient if sitting in a meeting, in a conference, or riding on a train.

The major challenge of this is, to find out which way of writing is the most convenient for yourself and if you are fine with a mostly non searchable amount of data.

The following blogposts will show the results of my tests and trials.

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