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Friday, February 10, 2017

Logsit App for iOS - Logs events you don't wanna forget but count

The problem to be solved:

Let's presume you're doing 100 sit-ups 3 times a week and you want to record each event in order to know how often you did that by the end of each month or end of the year.
And/Or your kid takes piano lessons 2-3 times a week and at the end of the month you want to know how many lessons it had and much money in total you owe the piano teacher.
And/Or you are jogging 2-3 times a week and you wanna have records about how often you were going.

I've been searching the web for a simple app that allows you to record events with a time-stamp, or note these events retrospectiveley, because you did'nt log it on the spot and that gives you kind of a simple statistics about the count of events logged.

In addition I wanted to take short notes about the event, for instance referring to he piano lessons, it should be possible to note which song or music I was learning and what observations/progress I had.

There are a couple of journaling apps, that might work well, but when I want to have a kind of statistical function, none worked the way I wanted. There was no way I could see on the first view how often the event took place.
I mailed with some programmers like of "Day One app"  and asked them about that function and they said it would be great to have that, but it's only in their future plans to introduce such a function.

Then there is an App called LOGSIT in the app store, that offers a couple of features that do exactly what I wanted:

Event Logging:

Create a category, for example like "education" and create events that fall into that category, like "piano-lessons", "ballet", or what comes into your mind and you want to have logs about.
The events are then ready to be logged. If you hit a "check-in" button on your sreen, you can either leave it that way, or write notes about the event, and/or change the time-stamp in case you are logging retrospectiveley. After hitting the category and the event again, you see a little bar-chart showing the number of counts you have "checked-in" before.

In addition you see how much time has elapsed since the last logged event and also geo-location data can be added on the spot, but not be modified retrospectiveley.

Further functions:
You can export the records as .CSV files for further use in Excel or GoogleDocs, or as an back-up.
You can export single records/events to Messages, Mail, Facebook, AppleNotes, Evernote and other services. Apple Notes and Evernote Interface come in quite handy, in case you want to add photos or documents to your records.
There's also a reminder function in case you want that too.

It's a one trick pony that does one thing, but it does it well. It's free of charge and it's very easy to use. The .csv export makes it good for lot's of purposes.

The app does not sync across multiple devices. It does nor provide a back-up service nor a restore-service for the .csv files, only via iPhne back-up you're rather safe.
The version 1.6.2 has not been updated since April 23, 2014

Additions the software would need:
Must: Backup/restore, Sync across multiple devices and cross-plattform,
Nice to have: Adding photo's or documents. Add further fields that you can proceed simple functions like sum or average.